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In pursuance of attaining excellence at Oxford, we seek to provide a curriculum based on the CBSE pattern, which is well planned and rich in content, so that each child can attain a pleasure of contentment and the joy of some degree of achievement. Academic excellence is primary focus, at our school; we consciously stress the total personality development of the child the physical, mental, aesthetic, social and spiritual dimensions, with a garnish of spoken power. Apart from this Oxford inculcate in children a healthy concern for the environment and help them understand and appreciate their significant role in the entire biosphere. Here at Oxford you find the right spirit, advanced labile techniques which are innovative to train enough the students that best manifest their caliber.

Oxford firmly believes that school is an educational temple that seeks to become a meeting point for students, teachers and all those who are concerned. Accordingly, it will be our endeavor to develop a strong bond between parents, teachers & students and also to elate a congenial, conductive school atmosphere so as to enable the child to live, to love, to learn and to imbibe a legacy. Apart from all this our school is a value system where tradition blends with modernism. Here at Oxford we do not explain but make you analyse the fact that education is increasingly becoming the primary determinant of overall development of every child into effulgent individual in respects to knowledge, talent and all values as well.

Your dreams, our vision and a bright future of your lovely kid, the decision to carve and inspissate the ability of your child is exclusively yours and we assure you that oxford is definitely that right choice for your child.